Overall leaderhsip of the olympic centre as well as controll over the support for top – and junior athletes lies in the hands of the institute for sports sciences at the university of Innsbruck, which provides cutting edge knowledge and testing apparatus.

The institute for sports, alpine medicine and health tourism (ISAG) in Natters is responsible for the sports-medical support of our (potential) olympic athletes. A high calibre team of sports scientists, sports psychologists, physiotherapists and dieticians care for our athletes at the Campus Sport at the university of Innsbruck. The athletes are supported through cutting edge knowledge and know how by our staff who always test out and apply the newest sports scientifical breakthroughs. Over the past years successful cooperations with associations, teams and individual athletes were formed.

The sporting leadership was given to a.o. Univ. Prof Dr. Christian Raschner who already has supported numerous high performance athletes over the past years (tennis, alpine skiing, formula 1)

Our team of highly qualified sports scientists includes Carson Patterson MA, Christoph Ebenbichler Msc, Roland Luchner Msc and Lukas Höllrigl MSc who support a variety of athletes at the olympic centre. Further support is given by Mag. Mirjam Wolf and Mag. Simone Tscherntschitz (Bundesnetzwerk Sportpsychologie), by Sports scientists Bettina Wildauer BSc (performance diagnostics), Carolin Hildebrandt PhD (project work in prophylactic injury prevention) and Mag. Lisa Mueller Bsc (talent research) as well as Martina Baldauf BSc MSc (nutritional scientist), Barbara Sauerwein (administration), Pia Demler BA and Dr. Hans-Peter Platzer (team rot weiss rot).

The CAMPUS SPORT TYROL INNSBRUCK - OLYMPIC CENTRE wants to ensure that extraodinary sports talents are granted an additional support in the form of all professional possibilities at the olympic centre from as early on as possible. All accredited athletes have a common goal: the achievment of peak performances and medals. It is the task of the olympic centre to make these dreams come true.


On January 1st 2011 a provisional service started at the Leistungszentrum Tirol - Innsbruck Campus Sport. This cooperation between the state of Tyrol, the town of Innsbruck and the univeristy of Innsbruck augmented tasks in the support of high performance sports which has been performed by the Trainingswissenschaftliches Zentrum at the institute for sports science (university of Innsbruck) since 2002. Only a few months later the Leistungszentrum was awarded the distinction 'olympic centre' by the Austrian olympic committee (OeOC).

The university of Innsbruck, the state of tyrol and the town of Innsbruck have the common goal within this unique cooperation, to find and establish a system in high performance sports which allows for peak performance less due to chance but more due to an optimal surrounding. Apart from the good conditions at the campus sport at the university of Innsbruck there is also a cooperation with the Hoehenleistungszentrum Kuehtai (high altitude performance centre). There, the Tyrolean athletes find optimal trainingfacilities at a heigth of 2000m.

With the foundation of the olympic centre in Innsbruck  the basis was formed for the dreams of olympic gold of tyrolean athletes; at a place where the olympic spirit has already thrived thrice. In 1964 and 1976 the olympic winter games were held in Innsbruck; and in January 2012 the olympic youth winter games took place.